Item No. S5311

High Speed F1000 HDTV HDMI Cable

Product Features:

24K Gold Contacts: For maximum signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
Single Large Size OCC: For reduce resistance and optimized signal transfer; helps deliver ultr-wide bandwidth and exceptionally high pixal rates
Nitrogen(N2): High velocity of propagation for maximum signal strength and reduced bit error, even over longrun
Ultra High-Density Quad-Layer Shielding: Double layers of aluminized Mylar foil and dense copper braiding provide ultimate rejection of RF and EM interference
Flat Design: Flexible for easy routing and installation.Resistant to temperature extremes .

What's in the Box
High Speed F1000 HDTV HDMI Cable
Products Name:
High Speed F1000 HDTV HDMI Cable
Item No.:
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