OEM/ODM Welcome



1. Can you send me your full catalog and price list?

Sorry,we can't ! Our newest catalog is our site.We will put almost all of our new items on the site,and it is changing frequently!So remember to visit our site frequently! You can always find excitement here. And we can't provide full price list because the price is different according to the quantity and different markets. Better you select your interested items to get the quotation from us!

2. What's the payment term?

We always accept T/T (Telecom Transfer). If amount is over USD50,000.00,we may accept L/C (Letter of Credit). We never accept Credit Cards.

3. What's your FOB port and delivery time?

We can FOB Shenzhen or FOB HongKong. Delivery time ranges from 5 days to 60 days according to your order quantity and special requirements.

4. Will OEM and ODM orders be accepted?

Certainly !As the most experienced game accessories manufacturer in China,we have great experience in processing OEM and ODM orders.You'll get perfect service here!

5. What's your assurance on your products?

We seldom assure to personal users,but we provide best assurance to our importers world wide!Long last friendship will be set up since your first order from us!!!

6. Which currency can be accepted?

US Dollar (USD) , Renminbi(CNY) , Pound Sterling(GBP) , Australian Dollar(AUD) ,Canadian Dollar(CAD) ,JapaneseYen(JPY) , New Zealand Dollar(NYD) , Swiss Franc(CHF) , Euro(EUR) , Singapore Dollar(SGD) , Thai Baht(THB) , South African Rand(ZAR).


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