Item No.D3525

3 in 1 Metal DDR Pro





Product Features:

The update version of D3520.
Compatible with PS, PS2, XBox and PC USB (no driver needed).
No light
Equips a 3 in 1 PS/2/XBOX/USB Control Box, and the XBOX and USB cables are designed with a breakaway port.
Dancing platform with handle.
Bring the Arcade experience home.
Suitable for Dance Dance Revolution and all other dancing games


With the smarter design and stronger function, D3525 is the update version of D3520;
Easily convert to your favorite PS, PS2, XBOX or PC by the 3 in 1 PS/2/XBOX/USB Control Box.

What's in the Box

3 in 1 Metal DDR Pro
Handle Rail and Supporter
3 in 1 PS/2/XBOX/USB Control Box

Products Name:
3 in 1 Metal DDR Platinum
Item No.:
2pcs of 3-layer cartons
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